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PLC motor control center maintenance

People often ask about recent maintenance problems to the PLC motor control centers, including "routine inspection" and "downtime" two categories, a comprehensive online information, for everyone to do a simple statement here.
A routine inspection,
1 check the various display normally.
2 check the temperature in the cabinet is normal
3 check the device has no abnormal noise and vibration, smell
Check whether the normal work of the 4 CPU
5 check whether the normal work of the input and output card
The interface state of operation and check whether the corresponding field 6 PC
7 check the MCC voltage display is normal
8 check whether the alarm record
9 checking the cooling fan is working properly
10 check the printer is working properly
Two, downtime
1 to clean dust and dirt
2 check and fastening connection bolt
3 pressing each plug-in
4 check the terminal board
5 check all wire plug loose, defect
6 of the industrial computer host maintenance (hard disk, memory)
7 open the main chassis, clean and check the UPS and the integrated chip pins
The replacement of 8 checking the cooling fan when necessary
9 check the display
10 check No. 2 CPU loading condition
11 pairs of PLC host work inspection (Master CPU, coenzyme CPU) program running status etc.
The AC power supply, 12 of the control system of DC power supply 24V inspection work
13 pairs of dual redundant CPU system function checks, and switching test
14 according to the three gas factory electrical control logic, and check the control loop (signal cable connection, etc.)
15 of the lines of communication between the DCS system and PLC system, relay protection system, inspection and maintenance
16 check Wincc system redundancy program integrity, to ensure that the system in fault, another CPU automatic input, without causing plant shutdown
17 check the peacetime production record fault, joint meter DCS system to fulfill the troubleshooting
18 check the screen to show whether the normal
Whether the 19 inspection equipment parameters meet the requirements
20 simulation of various protection action conditions, should be able to work properly

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