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Siemens inverter F021 fault

Siemens F021 inverter fault, find the manual tips I2T monitoring exceeds the limit value, the ultimate change motor corresponding value, not the police, I2T is what mean? Can explain!
Answer: F021 -- motor overheating protection, this is the fault of the temperature monitoring. First of all, set the parameters of P383 is more accurate (motor thermal time constant can be avoided) is one of the most effective way to F021 false alarm.
I2T, the motor current square value multiplied by time, as a characterization parameter of motor thermal.
In the P383 tables, lists the thermal time constant Siemens of the conventional motor, the motor can refer to the data of other manufacturers.
If you determine the motor current not you, and there is no overload or fever, you can take the P383 parameter is properly lengthened. In addition, check the motor fan is working properly, the ventilation is good it is necessary.
Personal advice is, if you are not using the original motor Siemens, so the monitoring functions better or not good, so as to avoid unnecessary alarm false action.
About I2t protection, once some engineers suggest that shielded it, mainly because it is too indirect, useless. The general overload protection is mainly rely on to limit and control the current. Not directly by I2t.
Under normal circumstances, the motor windings have been buried in a temperature measuring element such as PT100 or PTY. And then in the upper control system (such as PLC) to monitor the temperature of the motor, and do some relevant numerical display and protection. To monitor the temperature of the motor to rely solely on the frequency converter practice is less and less.
I guess you should also have the upper control system, it directly to the PT100 temperature simulation quantity is transmitted to the monitoring system, cancel the alarm monitoring temperature transducer. We always do, convenient, but not easy to false alarm.
If the parameter setting of P383=0, so that we can shield the F021 fault, in order to avoid false alarms caused trouble. The user can consider integrated.

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