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Application of CC-Link in TFT in the manufacturing industry

With the development of modern industry, the automation degree unceasing enhancement, provides great convenience for the large control system, not only can make the control easier, but also makes the operation easier. In TFT industry, some work must be done by a specific device to complete, such as liquid crystal cleaning engineering, we used in the LCD cleaning engineering systems previously is to control the single PLC and switch, makes the system more complex circuits, but is not very stable, easy to break, in solving fault is not it is convenient (due to the complexity and alarm monitoring system defect lines), and the operation is not convenient, then the function is not perfect enough, many things have the manual to complete, such as lotion sugar degree, pH value, water than the resistance value, the discharge of waste liquid etc.. So not only the work efficiency of the bottom, but sometimes it's easy to make mistakes. Then we thought of using CC-Link and man-machine interface for transformation, which makes the system control and circuit becomes very simple, the operation is so simple, the stability of the whole system is also very good, but also increases the system fault monitoring system, fault can be reflected in a timely, easy maintenance, system maintenance, repair. In addition, using CC-Link and man-machine interface makes the system scalability and easy to strengthen, decentralized control. In the liquid crystal in cleaning engineering more suitable. The system mainly has four parts, and the loading part, body part, unloading part, waste recycling part.
A. Loading is a major part of the product loading and sends it to the main part of the equipment, and then by the principal part of ultrasound and lotion on products for cleaning, drying. Cleaning of parts of the body is divided into three parts, the first is to use lotion, and then use the pure water flushing, and water washing. Liquid recovery is a major part of a cleaning liquid waste recycling. Comparison of dispersion of the system. As with a single PLC makes circuit is very complicated, the control panel is very complex, need a lot of control switch. The control panel now. The action part of the system mainly includes the transfer part, shaking part, liquid circulation part, accurate heating control part, thermal cycle control system, recovery system. The system uses a total of 27 motors, using basic FR-500 inverter control. System with a total of 600 multi point input, output point (including backup point).
Two. The whole system has been used Mitsubishi A series PLC and GOT interface as well as 16 remote I/O module composition. System diagram as shown in figure 2.

The above is the control diagram of the whole system. We use A1SJ61BT11 to form a communication network communication unit and special cable for CC-Link FANC-SBH. At both ends of the cable to the terminal resistance. We use the SW1D5-CCMAP can be directly produced communication program. The procedure is relatively simple, can also write your own. Using CC-Link to connect, the main board a CPU corresponding to the remote I./O unit, the remote node unit, the local office unit most can only connect 64, as in a system connecting remote I/O unit can connect 64 and remote input, output 2048 points, all is a remote node unit can only connect 42, if all is the local bureau or standby main bureau up to connect 26. It can be connected to the CC-Link system in the removal equipment and positioning unit, other than the above mentioned RS232InterFace unit, GPP function with the peripheral equipment to increase unit, FX series PLC, T branch unit, AC servo, and the electromagnetic valve, sensor, meter, temperature adjustable gauge etc..
Three: the technical performance and characteristics
1 in order to make the reformed system can adapt to the requirements of various action requirements and technology, to take into account the design of this point, such as for different products is not the same as the ultrasonic frequency, frequency and swing are not the same, the cleaning time is not the same and so on. These parameters can change the parameters of converter or system to change operation system.
The 2 system uses CC-Link, which makes the wiring of the whole system is simple, maintenance and repair, it is also very easy to.
The 3 system uses the human-computer interface, control panel that is very simple, but also specifically for the system to increase the alarm monitoring system, the error or malfunction system, can timely and clearly reflected, so that, in the event of a fault, can restore the system normal running fast.
Inner 4 the device all adopt the corrosive liquid solvent and water, direct contact with the human body are not generally, control of all air valve used in the device, in order to prevent the liquid leakage, the device is arranged inside the liquid leakage monitoring system, in this way, can effectively prevent liquid leakage.
5 pure water supply system is not using circular working mode, one-way supply instead of using pure water device, so has been the guarantee is dry
Net, so it can ensure the quality of cleaning products cleaning.
The direct heating of the heating system 6 system is not adopted, hot air circulation system instead of using, which can effectively prevent local caused the hot product of bad.
7 in addition, the system is also equipped with a liquid whole monitoring system, monitoring system the whole device, etc..
Four: scope of application
This system can adapt to any products of small size TFT in the manufacturing industry in the wash, for different products as long as the use of different loading fixture, the whole device working way is continuous automatic working mode. So the efficiency is high, the output is relatively large. And the device can clean two using different detergent products at the same time. Choose what kind of products, the system can automatically switch. Do not need to stop to replace lotion. Figure 3 is the overall device photos. In addition, liquid recovery system in the workshop outside.
Five: experience
In the design of cleaning device, are basically using Mitsubishi industrial products, mainly has been used before Mitsubishi products, to Mitsubishi products comparative Lai, and Mitsubishi product reliability is relatively good, function is powerful. This through the use of CC-Link and human-machine interface, the following.
1 CC-Link system is simple, applicable, reliable performance, low investment.
The 2 uses the man-machine interface, the control panel is very simple, but also greatly increase the function of the system.
3 system, simple wiring, convenient maintenance, repair.
Expansion of 4 CC-Link with a strong, good dispersion.
The 5 network transmission speed, using CC-Link to build BUS network the fastest speed can reach 10Mbps.
Data communication can be carried out 6 large capacity, long transmission distance.
The 7.CC-Link system has the rich RAS function, such as automatic double row function, standby main function sub Bureau, bureau of excised function, good link state validation function, diagnosis function etc.. This makes the system more reliable.
Between the 8 main board PC and local PC can realize the circulation link transmission N:N. It is easy to construct a decentralized PC system.
The 9.CC-Link system's network more open at home and abroad, the general will be able to use the peripheral equipment. The system has other industrial products, the operation is reliable.
Conclusion: this system uses CC-Link and man-machine interface, in general, the function is greatly enhanced, and the system became very concise. Use in the future, for large systems of some, will try to use this system.

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