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Application of Mitsubishi motion controller in small roll

Abstract: This paper introduces Mitsubishi servo series MR-J2S-B and motion controller Q172CPUN, application of multi CPU system in a small roll forging in a transmission system.
An overview:
Roll forging transfer system is the system application more forging industry. The system is composed of roll forging machine, composed of transmission mechanism of manipulator, replace the traditional free forging, artificial feeding system. Roll forging transfer system improves the level of automation, improve the product quality and accuracy, reducing the labor intensity of workers, saving cost. This paper introduces the roll forging transmission system used in a hardware factory.
Two roll forging transmission system structure
Roll forging transfer system by roll forging machine, a transmission mechanism of manipulator. Among them, roll forging machine is composed of two upper and lower pressure wheel, mould. Mould is fixed on the two pressing wheel, the roller to bring to realize product forging. Roller from two Taiwan 15K servo motor rotates at the same time to realize synchronous rolling. Transmission mechanism of manipulator is composed of a mechanical claw axis of rotation, the direction of X feeding shaft, Y shaft direction moving station, a chassis rotation axis and part positioning sensor. As the map below:
Three flow control
Roll forging machine is powered by two MR-J2S-15K B4 and HA-LFS15K14. Upper and lower rollers started at the same time, keep synchronous; mechanical hand transfer structure is mainly driven by four MR-J2S-700B and HC-SFS702. Upper and lower rollers is initiated by the X axis direction of the feeding position detection, mechanical melon clamping signal and roller zero position signal to start. Each station is rotated a circle, back to the origin, X servo axis roller in the process of rotation
OFF, in the free slip state, free to slide in place a detection signal is switched on (feeding position signal off), a X axis servo ON, Y axis start, by the first station to a second station, two position detection signal is switched on, the rotating shaft mechanical claw rotates a certain angle, the X axis starting fast marching to two position, position detection signal is switched on, a X axis servo OFF, under the state of free, upper and lower rollers start. So, for the three stations, four stations of roll forming. Four station after the end, the Y axis returns a station, return to the original angle of rotation axis mechanical melon; chassis to rotate a certain angle rotating shaft, a rotating position detection of switched on, mechanical claw release, molded product is sent to the conveyor belt. Mechanical claw after release, the chassis rotation shaft continues to rotate a certain angle, rotating position detection of two switch on, automatic feeding system began feeding, material detection after connect, mechanical claw clutch; clamping signal to switch on the chassis, the rotation of the rotating shaft to the original position, cycle work started.
Four control system
The whole control system is composed of 6 shafts, the larger pressure power roller shaft; considered from the performance stability, we choose two MR-J2S-15KB4 and HA-LFS15K14 drives the upper and lower rollers; four MR-J2S-700B and HC-SFS702 driven manipulator transfer structure. Control system adopts multi CPU system: Q02CPU+Q172CPUN, Q172CPUN can control up to 8 axes, the programming is convenient and simple. Connected by SSCNET bus and servo amplifier, convenient and reliable. See below:
The five main input and output signal list
The six movement of the SFC program
Exercise SFC program (including the system parameter setting etc.) using MT Developer prepared, the whole process is divided into the main program, automatic operation, manual operation of the three part. The SFC program uses the automatic mode, with an external input signal as a trigger to start the server program. The multi CPU system settings to choose 2 CPU, refresh address using automatic refresh, do not have to set the address; servo system of units selected pulse unit. Program step flow chart:
CPU system is set:
Q02CPU settings:
Q172CPUN settings:
The control system adopts CPU system Mitsubishi movement excellent performance, through the use of high-speed serial communication mode, between the motion controller and servo amplifier can be connected quickly, simplify wiring. Setting and control parameters to avoid the cumbersome procedures of software, using SFC program to realize the complex movement, the servo control.

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