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L700 series inverter won \"Carl Jung prize

In 2013 July, "the packaging industry - Carl Jung Technology Innovation Award" ceremony held in Shanghai grand. Carl Jung technology innovation award is sponsored by the industry information media Carl Jung industrial media, held since 2006, with its fair, objective selection process by the industry wide concern. After 5 months of selection, our L700 series inverter won the technical innovation award 2013 packaging industry - Carl Jung, the leading enterprises and more than 20 of the packaging industry to share this honor.
In August of the same year, CO sponsored by the "world" the United China inverter Automation Association, Guangdong Province, Institute of automation, China electrical equipment Industrial Association of power electronics branch and a number of industry authority "Tenth inverter industry entrepreneurs forum & Award Ceremony", L700 inverter series once again won the "ten popular products," to win the prize the recognition and affirmation of the industry, fully embodies the user to Mitsubishi motor L700 series inverter.


Product characteristics of L700 series inverter motor products continue Mitsubishi consistently high performance, high precision, high reliability, high performance price ratio, is the firstcompletely according to the special type Chinese market situation of R & D converter. In the original A700 series frequency converter based on charge - discharge - joined the roll tension control function, but also the built-in PLC programming function, saves the use cost for customers. With energy saving operation mode, regeneration avoidance function, and support a variety of network, operation is simple, safe and efficient maintenance of excellent features also let L700 series inverter products become a new generation of machine of high cost performance.

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