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Mitsubishi motor economic type man-machine

Mitsubishi motor economic type man-machine interface of GOT Simple series of dazzling listed, in the pursuit of price at the same time, high quality, high trust is also the eternal pursuit of Mitsubishi motor. GOT Simple built-in Ethernet communication, serial communication, USB communication, SD card slot, realize the abundant function communication customers for other peripherals. The function of recording and display through the trend chart, realize the connection with the GOT Simple FA device to centralized management of data; FX instruction table editing function, convenient field for FX-PLC program modification; FA transparent function, convenient field modified PLC procedure and parameter setting, no need for wiring operation cumbersome; formula function, enabling customers to easily achieve the formula work products; operator certification, through the password management to realize safety and prevent the misoperation. Economic type GOT Simple mainly face to stand-alone equipment mainly in the low-end customers, industry covers widely, such as textile industry, packaging industry, instrument industry, semiconductor industry and low-end bearings industry and so on, will bring the high performance to price ratio at the same time to the customer, its rich basic functions can meet the functional requirements of customer on-site, but also enhance the added value of their products.

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