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How to view the A700 inverter alarm record

Many customers are asked to view the A700 inverter alarm records, why A700 converter will alarm, here briefly explain, as the temperature increased, but also the inverter frequency various fault. How to deal with not only directly affect the service life of the converter and the cost to properly handle the inverter fault problem, it is indirectly determines the overall benefit and the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises. Today, with everyone to discuss the next, alarm record how to view Mitsubishi inverter A700 series products.
The operation is as follows:
To view the history of A700 converter by Mitsubishi alarm records, we can by pressing the MODE key, A700 converter, and then find the HELP button in the pop-up menu, press the up or down arrow key to find the function of E.HIS, and then press the SET button to display a warning, through the arrow keys can display up to 4 times the most recent alarm record.

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