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How Mitsubishi converter connection

One, in the industrial automation control system, the most common is the combined application of PLC and frequency converter Mitsubishi Mitsubishi, and produced a variety of methods of PLC control inverter, which adopts RS-485 communication way to implement the control scheme is widely used: because of its strong anti-interference capability, high transmission speed, long transmission distance and low cost. However, RS-485 communication must solve the data coding, calculate the checksum, framing, send data, receive data parity, a series of technical problems and retransmission timeout processing, a simple Mitsubishi transducer operating instructions, sometimes want to write dozens of Mitsubishi PLC ladder diagram instruction can be achieved, the workload of programming and tedious, the designer to daunting.
This paper introduces the method of a kind of very simple Mitsubishi FX series PLC communication mode control Mitsubishi converter: it only needs to install a RS-485 communication board in Mitsubishi PLC host or hanging a RS-485 communication module; the panel in PLC under embedded in a cost only hundreds of Yuan "function expansion storage box", written in 4 a very simple PLC ladder diagram instruction, monitor and control the read, write, and can realize the various operation parameters of 8 inverters, communication distance up to 50m or 500m. This method is very simple and convenient, easy to master.
Two, Mitsubishi PLC using extended system configuration memory Mitsubishi inverter communication control
1, the hardware composition of the system
Three, Ling PLC using extended system configuration memory communication control of inverter
The FX2N-485-BD communication board outline drawing
Mitsubishi inverter PU socket shape and pin number
FX2N series of PLC (product of V version 3 and above) 1 (software using FX-PCS/WIN-C V version 3); FX2N-485-BD communication module of 1 pieces (the longest communication distance 50m); or the FX0N-485ADP communication module 1 +FX2N-CNV-BD 1 boards (the longest communication distance 500m); function extension of FX2N-ROM-E1 storage box of 1 pieces (installed in the PLC the body) with a RS485 communication port Mitsubishi inverter 8 Taiwan (S500 series, E500 series, F500 series, F700 series, A500 series, V500 series, can be mutually mixed, the total number of not more than 8 Taiwan; communication parameters Mitsubishi all series inverter, numbering command code and data code is the same. RJ45 (5); the cable core belt shielding); terminal impedance (100 ohms resistor terminal); option: man-machine interface (such as F930GOT and other small Mitsubishi touch screen) 1.
2, the hardware installation method
(1) cable special crimping pliers will be pressed with a head of the cable and RJ45 crystal head; the other end, according to figure 1 to figure 3 FX2N-485-BD communication connecting method of template, the 2 P5S end of unused connection.
(2) opened the PLC host on the left side of the panel cover, the FX2N-485-BD newsletter template and function extension of FX2N-ROM-E1 is installed on the rear lid panel memory.
(3) the RJ45 cable are respectively connected with the inverter PU port, a 100 termination resistors connected between network terminal converter receiving signal end RDA, RDB, in order to eliminate the signal transmission speed, transmission distance and other reasons, there may be reflected the influence caused by the communication obstacles.
3, Mitsubishi inverter communication parameters setting
In order to correctly establish communication, must be in the Mitsubishi converter set and communication related parameters such as "station", "the rate of communication", "stop bit length / length", "parity" etc.. The Pr.117~Pr.124 parameter in the set of communication parameters for frequency converter. The parameters set by the operation panel or inverter set software FR-SW1-SETUP-WE in PU port.
Example 4, Mitsubishi inverter set project and the instruction code
The parameter setting is completed, setting the instruction code, data and the beginning of communication through the PLC program, allows various types of operating and monitoring.

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