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The future development prospects Mitsubishi inverter

The future development prospect of ten years, Mitsubishi converter enterprise since twenty-first Century, industry of our country high fission converter. Many foreign brands in Chinese plant, the local management. The former domestic brand of personnel and funds gradually separated, set up a large number of enterprises, mainly concentrated in the coastal Guangdong, Zhejiang, such as Shandong, Shanghai and other regions.
At present, the inverter manufacturers on the domestic market has more than 300, the main brand is also maintained at 20 to 30 or so. Foreign brands still occupy the leading position in the China MV Mitsubishi inverter, low-voltage inverter market. Most of the domestic local enterprises established history is not long, many new products into the market for a short time, in maturity and brand awareness products is also difficult and has a long history of well-known international brands contend. The domestic market to foreign brands Mitsubishi inverter is entered and the originator, foreign brands First impressions are strongest. China Mitsubishi converter supporting industries is comparatively weak, the domestic brands in terms of technology, manufacturing, industrial design or in the capital, there is a certain gap with foreign brands.
Foreign brands in the domestic inverter market share of about 7 into. Domestic production enterprises the main inverter V/F control for products, superior performance, high technology content vector frequency converter and other products, the vast majority of domestic enterprises has not developed mature products.
It is understood, foreign brands still occupy the leading position in the domestic medium voltage inverter, low-voltage inverter market. The main ABB, Siemens, Fuji Mitsubishi motor, motor, Yaskawa, Delta, Schneider, Emerson, Danfoss brand such as China, occupy the market before the 12 strong low pressure transducer. The largest domestic INVT has ranked in the 13, the other firm size smaller. Therefore, the inverter market China still to price oriented, which may lead to many international brands in the domestic promotion converter model with international differences, will provide some opportunities for the development of local inverter brand. With the rising of local brands, domestic inverter enterprise market share is gradually expanding, especially accelerate the replacement of foreign brands trend emerged in recent years. Although not yet possess and Siemens, ABB and other international top brands to launch the comprehensive competitive strength, but shows a certain competitive advantage in some products on the market, the gradual expansion of market share. Is expected in the next few years, the domestic brand market share will exceed the brand in Europe and america.
Mitsubishi inverter market prospect infinite with the development of high speed variable frequency technology and comprehensive utilization, so that the inverter industry obtained the unprecedented development and application in the field of cement, elevator, printing, electric power, communication, medicine modernization and traffic, transportation, electric power, electronics, environmental protection, almost all walks of life are inseparable with the national economy of frequency converter. From an overall perspective, the current inverter industry increasingly fierce competition in china. As the market is very attractive, not only the market has formed a certain scale, but the potential capacity is also very impressive, continues to attract new industry participants. With the domestic manufacturers of technical progress and quality stability improvement, coupled with the service and price advantage, is expected over the next few years high-end products by foreign manufacturers monopoly market situation will be changed.
China Mitsubishi inverter market has broad space for development, at present has reached 10000000000 yuan. With the diversification of market expansion and end user demand, domestic inverter product function continuously improved and increased, the degree of integration and system is more and more high, and there have been some special frequency converter. It is understood, in recent years, Chinese Mitsubishi inverter market maintained a growth rate of 12-15%, is expected to at least the next 5 years will maintain the growth rate of more than 10%. At present, Chinese installed capacity market inverters (power) of the growth rate is actually in about 20%, is expected to at least 10 years later, the inverter market can be saturated and gradually mature.

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