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The best choice of micro programmable controller

Mitsubishi motor micro programmable controller FX3SA series new listing, with the launch of FX3 family of simple economic series, Mitsubishi micro programmable controller fully into the third generation of products.
FX3SA series inherits the powerful function of FX1S, further processing speed in operation, the program capacity, number of instructions has been significantly improved. The basic instruction 0.21 s, about 3 times of that of FX1S, the program capacity of 4000 step, 12000 step with special region annotations, a maximum of 16000 step, which is 8 times of FX1S. The new inverter communication instruction, floating-point instructions as well as other application instructions. At the same time, strengthen the function of communication and analog extension, built-in USB and RS-422 interface, and can be extended Ethernet interface, the corresponding MODBUS protocol special serial communication adapter. Analog quantity, the maximum can be connected to a FX3U series analog special adapters, such as FX3U-4AD-ADP. In addition, anti fake mark in particular, will effectively resist imitation of the impact, to ensure customer's legitimate rights and interests.
FX3SA series of high performance to price ratio, achieve customer on small devices and in various fields used more widely, such as electronic devices, semiconductor industry, food and drug packaging industry, plastic machinery etc..

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