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Need to pay attention to Mitsubishi inverter control cabinet is installed

Mitsubishi converter should be installed in the control cabinet, control cabinet in the design should pay attention to the following questions:
One problem, Mitsubishi inverter:
The heating Mitsubishi inverter is generated by internal loss. In Mitsubishi inverter in each part of the loss is mainly in the main circuit, control circuit and accounted for about 98, accounting for 2. In order to ensure the normal and reliable operation of Mitsubishi inverter, inverter must be on Mitsubishi radiating we usually use cooling fan; Mitsubishi converter is arranged in the box body can be internal cooling fan Mitsubishi inverter away, if the fan is not working properly, should immediately stop Mitsubishi frequency converter operation; high power Mitsubishi inverter also need fan is added in the control cabinet the control cabinet, air duct to the reasonable design, all of the air inlet to set the dust-proof net, exhaust unobstructed, avoid the formation of vortex in the cabinet, the formation of dust accumulation in a fixed position; fan to select the matching according to the ventilation Mitsubishi inverter manual, fan installation should pay attention to the problem of earthquake.
Two, Mitsubishi transducer electromagnetic interference problem:
1, Mitsubishi converter in operation by the rectifier and inverter generates harmonic, the harmonic will enter the whole power supply network through power supply circuit, thus affecting the other instrument. If the power Mitsubishi inverter great accounted for the entire system of more than 25, the need to consider the anti-jamming measures to control power supply.
2, when the system has high frequency impact load such as electric welding machine, electroplating power supply, inverter itself because of interference and protection, then consider the power quality problem of the whole system.

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