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Mitsubishi inverter work principle

Mitsubishi converter is the use of power semiconductor devices will be the role of off frequency power conversion to another frequency power control device, Mitsubishi converter is one of the world famous production by frequency converter, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, all over the world share is relatively high. Mitsubishi inverter agents to discuss its working principle:
1, the main loop: the function of reactor is to prevent Mitsubishi inverter harmonic generated by the input circuit of power back to the grid which is influenced by the electric equipment according to the need of the other, Mitsubishi inverter capacity size to decide whether to add the reactor; the output end of the filter is installed on the Mitsubishi inverter, reduce harmonics of inverter output Mitsubishi, when Mitsubishi inverter to the motor's distance, should install the filter. Although Mitsubishi inverter itself has various protection functions, but the open phase protection is not perfect, the circuit breaker in the main loop to overload, phase failure, selection can be selected according to the Mitsubishi converter capacity. Can be replaced by thermal relay overload protection Mitsubishi inverter itself.
2, the control loop: manual switching with power frequency, so that failure in the inverter can be manually cut the power frequency operation, because the output end can not add voltage, fixed frequency and frequency have interlocking.

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