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The trend of the future development of the man-machine interface

With the development of digital circuit and computer technology, the man-machine interface of the product in the future to function in high, low, the division will become less obvious, the function of HMI will be more and more rich; more than the 5.7 inch HMI products will be the full color display, touch screen life will be longer. Due to the reduction of hardware cost, HMI products will be mainly in flat PC computer as the high-end product of HMI hardware, because this kind of high-end products are better in processor speed, storage capacity, communication interface, networking capability, species and quantity of software resource sharing, is the future development direction of HMI products. Of course, small size (less than 5.7 inch display size) of HMI products, because of its size and price advantage, with the further enhancement of its function (such as increasing IO function), the man-machine interactive application in small mechanical equipment widely used in.
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