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The man-machine interface (HMI) components

The man-machine interface products from hardware and software two parts, hardware part includes a processor, a display unit, an input unit, a communication interface, data storage unit, wherein the processor performance determines the performance of HMI products, is the core element of HMI. According to the different HMI product grades, the processor can respectively use 8 bit, 16 bit, 32 bit, 64 bit processor. HMI software is divided into two parts, the picture system configuration software that runs on the HMI operating software and hardware in the PC machine under the Windows operating system (such as GT Designer2 or GT Designer3 screen configuration software). Making "project file" picture configuration software users must first use HMI, and then through the serial communication between PC machine and HMI products export, the preparation of a good "project file" download to the HMI processor running.
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