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Touch screen no display solution

Fault phenomenon: touch the screen when the mouse arrow no action, no position change.
Fault: a lot of reasons for the phenomenon of the following instructions, one by one:
The surface acoustic wave touch screen accumulated acoustic reflection stripes above four on the periphery of the dust or scale is very serious, leading to the touch screen does not work;
The touch screen failure;
The touch screen control card failure;
The touch screen signal line fault;
The host computer serial port fault;
A failure of an operating system and computer;
The touch screen driver installation errors.
Troubleshooting method party:
The observation of touch screen signal indicator lamp, the lamp in normal circumstances for the scintillation regularly, about flash once every second, when the touch screen, the signal lamp is Chang Liang, stop touching, the lights flash recovery.
If the signal lamp is not touched, it is still under constant brightness, first check whether the need to clean the touch screen; set the serial number and then software check hardware connected to the serial number is consistent, and the serial port of computer host is normal.
Drive COMDUMP the operation command, the command for the DOS command, when running in the COMDUMP followed by a space and serial code 1 or 2, and a touch screen, to see if there is data to roll. The data out of the hardware is connected, please check the software settings are correct, conflicts with other hardware devices. If there is no data to roll the hardware failure, specific fault point undetermined.
Drive SAWDUMP the operation command, the command is DOS orders, while the program is running, the program will be asked to control the type of card, the port number, the transmission rate of the connection, and then the program will read the data from the control card. The X axis of the AGC and Y axis of AGC numerical please pay attention to see the bottom left of the screen, any axis's value is 255, then the axis of transducer failure, the need for repair.
The installed driver for the first time correction, observe the system with content error. "Did not find the control card", "touch screen is not connected", according to the prompt to check the corresponding part. Such as: touch screen signal line is connected firmly with the control card, keyboard take wire whether all and even the host etc..

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