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Liuzhou Iron and Steel Group

     Liuzhou Iron and Steel shares since inception, sustained and rapid development of enterprises, the integrated steel production capacity has reached 10 million tons level, sales revenue of 2.2 billion yuan from 2001 to 2010 of 37.1 billion yuan, the total assets reached 18.5 billion yuan, in ranked 500 in the China Enterprise Confederation in 2011 released the first 98 Chinese companies. The company includes 10 functional management departments, seven production plants, four branch offices, employees 9022 people.
     Liuzhou Iron and Steel shares to the market process, and continue with international standards, enterprises adopted the 2000 version of the GB / T19001 quality management system certification, GB / T28001: 2001 standards established by the Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification and GB / T14001-2004 for based environmental management system certification, quality management, occupational health and safety management and environmental management to achieve scientific and standardized. At the same time through GB / T19022-2003 measurement management system certification, metrology State Quality and Technical Supervision issued enterprises to improve measurement system certification, quality inspection center by the Chinese National Laboratory Accreditation Board certification.
     Guangxi Liuzhou Iron and Steel shares are currently the largest integrated steel producers, since the majority of the market economy in a 500 km radius of transport, in Guangxi in the absolute dominance of the steel market, the leading product in the surrounding area also has a strong competitive edge. Abundant hydropower resources in southern China, coal and iron ore imports southwest, four ocean harbor, five railway lines, a waterway, convenient transportation for Liuzhou Iron and Steel shares of production, product sales provide a good condition. With China - ASEAN Free Trade Area, and the Pan-Beibu Gulf Economic Zone is being constructed to the economic development of Guangxi tremendous power, but also to promote the rapid development of Guangxi steel market; moreover, Guangdong, Guangxi and Hainan provinces and the adjacent area belongs steel consumption is greater than production volume, Liuzhou Iron and Steel shares more than 40 percent of the production of plate sold to Guangdong market; in addition, Guangxi, Hong Kong and Macao and Southeast Asian countries close, in this vast region, the capacity of the steel market is very impressive, being constructed by the Pan-Beibu Gulf Economic circle and China - ASEAN Free Trade Area of the golden path, the more advantages in the area of Liuzhou Iron and Steel shares to enhance competitiveness, advance the ASEAN market provides a rare opportunity for development.
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