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Dongguan Sheng X: Our workers are called "Mitsubishi industrial automation systems

Now if you go to the workshop Sheng Electrical Technology Co., Ltd., Dongguan X you will see the following scene:

Through a machine, copper wire slimmer; then through a machine, copper wire wearing colorful coat; another through a pipeline, cable tangled up in an orderly manner ...... another machine via a link in an orderly manner engaged in production work, from copper raw materials to finished packaged products, almost the entire process is done automatically in the production line, automatic production plant has become the main theme.

Last year, we will invest 20 million yuan to continue to introduce Mitsubishi industrial automation systems and advanced hardware from Highland Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., to further improve production efficiency and product quality. Xu Sheng Qiao X Electrical Technology Co., Dongguan, executive vice president, said a worker now has five machines can operate independently, labor costs on the basis of increasing automation is gradually reduced.

Electrical Technology Co., Ltd., Dongguan Sheng X Dongguan region earlier realization of enterprise automation workshop. Currently, X-Sheng Electric Technology Co., Ltd., Dongguan become the country's top three automotive wire and cable manufacturing enterprises, mainly in cooperation with Volkswagen, General Motors, Ford, Honda and Toyota, and many other high-end car manufacturers.

Electrical Technology Co., Ltd., Dongguan X Sheng long focused on the development and production of wire and cable, the company has been named the national high-tech enterprises, Xu Qiao introduced Sheng Electrical Technology Co., Ltd., Dongguan X is committed to research and development of various types of insulation materials, and growing wire and cable temperature levels increase, and began to study the development of high-end car sensors, increasing scientific and technological content of products, thereby increasing their market competitiveness.

May, Electrical Technology Co., Ltd., Dongguan Sheng X has achieved 170 million yuan output value, the output value this year is expected to increase by about 30 percent to about 380 million yuan. Use constantly improve the technological development and automation of production, Electrical Technology Co., Ltd., Dongguan Sheng X stocked with a high-end, sophisticated, professional way.
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