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BYD: motion controller Q170MSCPU-S1 Application in the production site (c)

Problem (four) debugging encountered

A device in the debugging process, found near the point when the servo is in the time limit between the negative DOG start back to zero, when the time limit servo motor encounter negative encounter alarm limit, not the normal back to zero; retry function is turned on origin problem solving;

2 CCLINK interference problems encountered in the field, after the addition of the terminating resistor according to the instructions after the problem is solved.

Four. Conclusion

Battery Packaging Line line control system described in this article and the full use of the Mitsubishi FA CCLINK fieldbus products, superior technology to fully meet the requirements of the customer equipment performance, the overall wiring easy to install; yield increased from 80.5% to 99.2% rate, while significant savings in manpower and time costs; the automatic detection of the line in the industry leader.


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