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BYD: motion controller Q170MSCPU-S1 Application in the production site (b)

2) multi-speed communication between the CPU refresh settings area

  CPU speed communications between multiple regional refresh settings

Host CPU device points CPUà sports action

M3072 48 * 16 area a generic device and each axis command signal (system)

Second D6000 100 data transfer (custom) area

Three M7008 20 * 16 data transfer (custom) area

Region IV D7000 1000 positioning data (custom)

D1000 1000 five regional positioning data (custom)

Host CPU device points CPU? sports action

D0 64 regional one for each axis monitoring device (system)

Second M7048 8 * 16 data transfer (custom) area

Three M2000 50 * 16 Universal Device area

Four D2700 100 data transfer (custom) area

3) servo data set

Servo data set

4) Servo program

Servo data set

(B) CCLINK network parameter settings and procedures

1) Set the refresh

Servo data set

2) Set station information


  Station information setting


Remote device station 4

Remote IO station 10

(C) QJ71C24N-R2 serial module settings:

1) serial module switch settings

Serial module switch settings

Communication protocol: protocol

Transmission speed: 19200bps

Data bits: 8

Parity: Even

Stop bits: 1

(2) the establishment of weighing equipment to read the data Modbus communication protocol

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