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BYD: motion controller Q170MSCPU-S1 Application in the production site (a)


Mobile phone battery packaging production line is already installed aluminum batteries hemming, knuckle, Epoxy and other process flow, the battery industry is a company based on years of experience in packaging design, the manual before each station integrated into the multi-station automation production line, greatly improving production efficiency, saving manpower and resources. The electrical part of the production line are used Mitsubishi FA full range of products to control, equipment performance, low failure rate, the industry leading level.

System topology

The battery packaging line about 20 meters from the A, B channel containing the feeding mechanism, a knuckle, Flap position 1, 2 knuckle, folding position 2, turn feeding mechanism, dispensing units, hot side, cutting mechanism 9 steps each constituted; process Overview: equipment for production personnel to confirm the initial state (the need for mechanical zero return after the first boot device, the device subsequent to quickly reset), select the automatic transmission position, press the start button, feed conveyor running, the battery is sent to the device at the entrance, after positioning the robot plastic drop a battery rotation will draw it to a / B channel to reach Angular units, down discharge, the location, preheating, Angular agency action, Angular completed, feeding robot two batteries will decrease draw its transition units were sent to the hem hem 3,4,5 preheated and then fold, respectively, after the knuckle 2 and 2 (process above), after folding is done by shifting bit cylinder will turn to the material bodies battery stacker, reach stacker reclaimer complete shift units, by feeding it to a robot 5 Epoxy Epoxy station, then feeding robot 6 lessons to the whole side of the battery and hot while Taiwan, and finally discharge the battery draw a rotating mechanism is transferred to the material at hand by rewinding machinery will charge the battery to the fixture.

System Configuration:

System topology

System configuration list:

Power Module: Q61P * 1

Extension base: Q68B * 1

CPU: Q170MSCPU-S1 * 1

Input module: QX42 * 4

Output Module: QY42P * 3

CCLINK master module: QJ61BT11N * 1

Serial Module: QJ71C24N-R2 * 1

Ethernet module: QJ71E71-100 * 1

HMI: GT1685M-STBA * 1

CCLINK remote IO input module: AJ65SBTB1-32D * 5

CCLINK remote IO output modules: AJ65SBTB1-32T * 5

CCLINK remote analog input modules: AJ65SBTB1-64AD * 5

Three. The main parameter setting and programming:

(A) motion controller parameter setting and program

 1) Servo-glance view of system configuration:

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