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China Shipbuilding Industry

China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC, CSIC) was established in July 1, 1999, is in the original part of the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation-owned enterprises on the basis of the formation of large state-owned enterprises, state-authorized investment institution and assets of business entities by the central administration, is one of China's top ten military industrial complex. CSIC is one of China's largest ship repair group, has 46 industrial enterprises, 28 research institutes, 140,000 employees and total assets of 190 billion yuan.
CSIC has China's largest ship repair base, focused on the China Ship Research, a major force in the design, there are more than 30,000 research and design staff, eight national key laboratories, seven state-level enterprise technical centers, 150 a number of large laboratories, with strong innovation and product development capabilities, in accordance with the norms of the world-renowned classification societies and various international conventions, design, build and repair a variety of docking tankers, chemical tankers, bulk carriers, container ships, ro-ro, LPG vessels, LNG ships and other vessels and engineering, and exports to over 60 countries on five continents and regions. Has formed an annual shipbuilding capacity of 500 tons.
CSIC main business areas include: business units of the company and members of all state-owned assets; domestic and foreign investment and financing business conduct; bear with ship-based military research and production; undertake domestic and foreign civilian ships, equipment and non-ship product design , production and repair; various forms of economic and technical cooperation, foreign project contracting, labor export, overseas processing, construction, construction and installation, as well as state-authorized, permitted by law commission and other businesses.
By the end of 2008, total assets reached CSIC 222.1 billion yuan, 7.3 times when it was founded; owners' equity reached 40.58 billion yuan, 4.2 times when it was founded; Last year's total economic output 114.5 billion yuan for the establishment of 8.2 times; operating income 103.4 billion yuan, 8.2 times when it was founded; a total profit of 6.23 billion yuan, the establishment of -2.67 billion.

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