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Jiangxi Copper Group

Jiangxi Copper Group was established in July 1979, is a mining, dressing, smelting, add in one of the large joint venture of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Set to copper, is China's largest copper production base and an important chemical raw materials and sulfur gold and silver producer. The company is headquartered in Guixi City, Jiangxi Province, Jiangxi Copper Company Limited subordinate units, JCC copper company, Jiangxi Copper - Yates Copper Foil Co., Jiangxi Copper - meaning Taiwan Electrical Materials Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Copper - Lung Cheong precise Copper Tube Co., Jiangxi Copper Group finance company, Shenzhen Southern Jiangxi Copper Corporation, Jinrui Futures brokerage firms and a number of legal entities. Which by Jiangxi Copper Corporation Holdings Jiangxi Copper Company Limited stock in 1997 and 2001, respectively, listed in Hong Kong, Shanghai. "Fortune" Global 500, ranked No. 381 in 2014.
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