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Guangzhou Honda

July 19, 2007, Honda established the Guangzhou Honda Automobile Research & Development Corporation, which is the first joint venture by independent investment, automotive R & D institutions independent legal mode of operation, with, including conceptual design, design, whole vehicle test for, real vehicle testing, development and other parts of the vehicle, including the independent development capabilities. Founded Guangqi Honda R & D Co., Ltd., a joint venture marks the formal essay own brand, for enhancing China's auto industry R & D capabilities is of great significance, but for the future of China's auto market structure changes will have a profound impact.
April 20, 2008, Honda released its own brand - "Idea" brand identity. It has a sense of technology and futuristic silver color, brand identity graphic spiral, like a DNA molecule, expression of the "idea" brand pursuit of the leading technology, never stop the spirit. Meanwhile Development Co., Ltd. was established, marking the formal joint venture own brand essay, for enhancing China's auto industry R & D capabilities is of great significance, and will have a profound impact on future changes in the pattern of China's auto market. .
December 12, 2008, Honda unveiled a new corporate slogan - "the sense of moving the world", but announced its entry into the small car market - launched its first small car CITY front range. "A sense of moving the world", representing Honda and every employee attitude: changing consumer needs and feelings of the social environment, and insight into the nature of the change, and thus a unique approach to the challenge of new things, open innovation trends, creating new value, and share with consumers moving full of surprises.

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