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Metal Co., Ltd. Foshan Jin X: navy solve our worries

Foshan Jin X Metal Co., Ltd. is a large metal recycling companies in Foshan, are responsible for processing tasks this company 1000 tons per day of sewage. Recently to implement intelligent upgrading its sewage treatment system, the project has also been chairman of the attention they plant to personally supervise the matter. In recent years, because the relevant law enforcement authorities for the plant's wastewater discharge pipe very strict emission standards now than ever indicators also improved. If the design and construction of sewage treatment systems deployed off, however, will not only be severely punished the whole system of law enforcement agencies to be heavy, but the factory had to temporarily shut down.


     So the company chairman on through friends found us navy electromechanical, asked us to give them a solution, our engineers completed the task very well, has also been chairman of appreciation to thank.


     Foshan Jin X Metal Co. PLC automatic control system based on centralized monitoring and data acquisition (SCADA) systems. According to the technical requirements, the main structure of the central control room of PC management and monitoring through 100M fiber Ethernet (Ethernet) and five field control master constitute redundant ring, each sub-station using CCLINK will focus testing, decentralized control integration, truly intelligent control of the whole plant of industrial grade.


Attached device deployment diagram:

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