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Foxconn: Based on the Mitsubishi MELSECNET / H Network in IPAD capacitive screen automatically detects the line (2)

System Configuration:


Three. The main parameter setting and programming:
MELSECNET / H system parameter settings:
1. Hardware Configuration: Set station and general station MELSECNET / H module QJ71LP21-25 station number, baud rate, mode; DIP switch settings.
Station Station Number: 1
Ordinary Station Number: 2 (washing and drying section) ---- 3 (measuring section) ---- 4 (sorting unit)
Station operating mode: 0 (Online)
Normal station operation mode: 0 (Online)
2. Software setup: QJ71LP21-25 each module can be initialized by setting the network configuration parameters GX-DEVELOPER software, including the start I / O number, network number, the number of slaves (station can be set up only), group number, mode refresh parameters and other parameters.
a. module start I / 0, connections stations, station number setting
(1) Set the control station

Starting I / O: 0080
Network number: 1
The total number of connections Station: 4
Group Number: 0
Mode: Online
(2) Normal station set

2 # PLC start I / O: 0060 3 # PLC start I / O: 0080 4 # PLC start I / O: 0040
         Network number: 1 network number: 1 network number: 1
         Group Number: 0 Group Number: 0 Group Number: 0
         Mode: Online mode: Online Mode: Online
B. refresh parameter settings:
(1) Set the refresh parameter control station
Bit refresh device: Link relay LB0000-27FF corresponding B0000-27FF
Word refresh device: Link register LW0000-27FF corresponding W0000-27FF
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