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Foxconn: Based on the Mitsubishi MELSECNET / H Network in IPAD capacitive screen automatically detects the line (3)

(2) Normal station refresh parameter settings

Station # 2

Normal station refresh parameter settings
Bit refresh device: Link relay LB0000-0EFF corresponding B0000-0EFF
Word refresh device: Link register LW0000-0EFF corresponding W0000-0EFF

Station # 3

Bit refresh device
Bit refresh device: Link relay LB0F00-1EFF corresponding B0000-0FFF
Word refresh device: Link register LW0F00-1EFF corresponding W0000-0FFF

4 # station

Word refresh device
Bit refresh device: Link relay LB2000-27FF corresponding B0000-07FF
Word refresh device: Link register LW2000-27FF corresponding W0000-07FF
QJ71C24N-R2 serial module settings:
QJ71C24N-R2 Serial Module Settings
Communication protocol: disorderly agreement
Transmission speed: 19200bps
Data bits: 8
Parity: None
Stop bits: 1
QD75D4 positioning module settings:
QD75D4 Mitsubishi differential output type positioning module, the control shaft number 4, the maximum output pulse 1Mbps, can achieve two-axis linear / circular interpolation and 3-axis linear interpolation, to control the loading and unloading of positioning control and 2-axis electric pen linear interpolation and transfer roller speed control, write QD75D4 positioning module parameters, the program can be set or sequence program written by package GX-Configurator-QP.


Servo-related parameter setting:
Loading and unloading of positioning control and electric pen 2-axis linear interpolation are used in MR-J3 series servo, respectively, through QD75D4 / QD75D2 positioning module to control the positioning operation; depending on the load structure set servo electronic gear ratio. Location mode is mainly set the parameters:
PA05: 4000 (number of pulses per revolution)
PA08: 0002H (auto tuning mode 2)
PA09: 16 (automatically adjusts response)
PA13: 0012 (A / B phase pulse input)
PB08: 600 (position loop gain)
PD01: 0C00 (forward stroke end, turned inside reverse stroke end)
HMI functions and programming:
Host Monitoring used Mitsubishi GT1275 series GOT, via RS232 serial port and built-in CPU Q02HPLC connection; between them with a GT01-C30R2-6P connection; GT1275 is mainly used to set the Panel's ID and the corresponding parameters recipes, as well as the transmission speed, measurement speed, Panel while monitoring performance indicators related data. GT1275 programs written using GTD3 (version 1.01) software.
Four. Conclusion
TFT touch screen automatically detects line control system described in this article plane Mitsubishi FA products and MELSECNET / H fieldbus, to fully meet the requirements of superior technology, customer equipment performance, the overall wiring easy to install; yield increased from 93.5 percent to 99.9 % rate, while significantly saving manpower and time costs; the automatic detection of the line in the industry leader.
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