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Mitsubishi servo motor Applications: South a company to upgrade its production line of diapers

1, ambient background

As science and technology advances and improved living standards, the demand for baby diapers is increasing, so that demand exceeds supply situation appears. It is because of the emergence of such opportunities, some of the past use of mechanical transmission baby diaper production line machine mechanical transmission equipment manufacturer changed the servo control system to improve the production efficiency of equipment; there are some past production of napkins, pads equipment manufacturers have invested in manufacturing baby diaper production line machine. South China a manufacturer of machinery and equipment belongs to the latter.

Baby diaper products are: large size, the number of small yards, their length ranging from 385mm to 550mm. Design speed of 200m / min, producing beats for 400pcs / min, the installed capacity of 260kw, accuracy of ± 1mm. Drive and control system aircraft Mitsubishi inverter, servo amplifiers and Q02HPLC, Q173CPU and Q172CPU motion controller.

2, the hardware system components

2.1 The main process

Baby diaper production line machine mainly equipment consists of: 8 sets of open-book device, eight composite roller and roller, roller cutter and six fold and stack code means its process shown in Figure 1.

They are divided according to specific functions:

An unwinding device

① diversion nonwovens unwinding

② toilet paper unwinding

③ elastic waistband unwinding

④ end of film unwinding

⑤ before unwinding stickers

⑥ nonwoven fabric unwinding

⑦ composite stick unwinding

⑧ retaining non-woven unwinding

Two cutter assembly

① cotton core cutter

② elastic waist cutter

③ ago stickers cutter

④ composite appropriate knife

⑤ side molding cutters

⑥ final molding cutters

Three composite roller and pressure roller

① cotton core embossing roller

② Samsung nip roller 1

③ Samsung nip roller 2

④ Samsung pressure roller traction

⑤ diversion nonwovens, toilet paper, cotton core composite roll

⑥ non-woven fabric, elastic waist composite roll

⑦ ago stickers, base film composite roll

⑧ posted about complex composite roll

Uncoiling device will produce a variety of materials needed diapers sequentially transported to the main processing line, press roller cutter product specifications cut into various shapes sizes, the composite roller and pressure roller cutters and final completion of baby diaper products processing. Finally, folded, stacked code packed into bags.

2.2 hardware

Transmission equipment systems unwinding device Mitsubishi inverter FR-540E; knife roll, composite roll and press pull roller, conveyor rollers and other equipment used Mitsubishi J2S-B servo amplifier basic automation using Q02HPLC, Q173 and Q172CPU motion controller. multi-CPU system. HMI Mitsubishi GOT985 complete parameter settings, system monitoring, start, stop, etc. The hardware configuration is shown in Figure 2.

Q02CPU control drive shaft 17, Q173CPU control production and processing 30-axis servo motor, Q172CPU controlled 5-axis servomotor packaging equipment.

Process according to claim 35 and 17 shaft axis servo motor variable frequency induction motors must be synchronized. 16 uncoiling device independent drive, two for a group of constant tension wrap splice; 6 sets of roller cutter phase must be strictly identical; 8 sets of composite rollers and nip / pull line speed roller and conveyor roller, etc. are identical; packaging equipment position control and unwinding tension control device matching the beat; to ensure product consistency, repeatability and accuracy. The device sets the phase control, speed control, position control, tension control as a whole.

2.3 Q-Motion

Q173 and Q172 is following the A series motion controller replacement products. Q173 32 axes can be controlled; Q172 can control eight axes, program execution cycle (SV22 4-axis) of only 0.88ms, is the previous quarter. Q173 and Q172CPU unit with motion control and event handling 64-bit RISC processor that can speed the completion of a large number of high-precision calculations and data communication. Having a multi-axis interpolation, speed control, cam shaped, trajectory control and other diverse motion control function. SSCNT servo bus transfer rate of 5.6Mbps, transmission cycle 0.88ms, ensure the control precision synchronization accuracy and speed / position. Q173 and Q172 compatible MELSEC-Q Series PLC-CPU, processing speed sequential program. Q02HCPU is the master CPU multi-CPU systems.

System Software:

Transmission assembly software SV13: provide: Linear interpolation (1-4 axis), circular interpolation, helical interpolation, such as speed control, a fixed distance from the feed, speed control, speed switching control, speed - position switch and other functions, appropriate in electronic component assembly, loader / unloader, food packaging, XY table, transfer machine, spraying machines, welding machines, injection molding machines, SMT machines.

Automatic machine software SV22: SV13 function on the basis of the increase: the multi-axis synchronization control, cam control, graphics control, electronic shaft, electronic clutch function is suitable for printing, papermaking machine, food processing machine, spinning machine. textile machinery.

Cam Software CAMP: run production cam curve or free curve, implementation trajectory control and phase control.

Synchronous encoder function, multi-axis control and synchronization phase automatic control.

Digital oscilloscope function, to achieve real-time monitoring torque, speed, position and other electrical information.

3, application software design

Q-Motion provides real mode and virtual mode two control modes. Programming using Motion SFC (Sequential Function Chart) language and supporting mechanical visual programming languages. Motion SFC is described in the form of a flow chart, prepared in accordance with the mechanical action steps, easy production process control procedures. Language support is to achieve mechanical shaft, gears, clutches, cam action and other hardware through software modules are free to combine these modules, to complete virtual machine language program design mode. Implement complex synchronization control, trajectory control and coordination of control.

System linkage function diaper production line machine, the regulatory function, start and stop control devices using the Motion SFC program; synchronous control system more positive, composite roll nip / pull line speed control roller, roller cutter phase control such as the use of mechanical support language programming; unwinding tension control device by Q02HCPU ladder programming.

3.1 Synchronization Control

Diaper production line synchronization by the control program shown in Figure 3.

Figure three synchronous control virtual mode program

By a virtual servo motor through a virtual spindle gears, clutch, gearbox differential gear / gearbox, drive rollers or cams. Drum roll or on behalf of the composite laminated / pull rolls and transfer, on behalf of the cutter roller cam. 30 clutch controlled by a bit device, so when this virtual servo motor to start a certain speed, that is, by the virtual master pulses and pulse frequency will be passed to the cutter roller, composite roll, nip / pull rollers, conveyor rollers make them run as designed synchronous speed. (Due to the layout of the 14 limit only copy-axis servo)

3.2 System more positive

3.2.1 Homing

To meet the needs of mechanical design Q-Motion design a variety of ways:

① near point DOG way Homing

② counting Homing

③ data set mode Homing

④ stopper mode Homing

⑤ hybrid Homing limit switches

OPR, the mechanical and electrical systems more positive. Is the phase control, position control key, select the appropriate way to ensure the system OPR control accuracy.

The system uses a set of data is set up OPR. JOG function using manually controlled objects to desired point, and then start homing. Location systems packaging equipment using absolute position encoder, so although the operation is complicated but the machine can be adjusted disposable.

3.2.2 system adjustment

When all axes diaper production line start from standstill to rated speed state or from one steady state (speed) to another steady state (speed) of the transition process, namely dynamic speed curve is inconsistent, there will be dislocation between the roller cutter; Compound roll lamination / pull Stockyard or slippage occurs between the rollers. So adjust the gain and integral parameters of the servo axis is not only fast but also to respond exactly the same process of transition curve.

3.3 composite roll, nip / pull roll speed control

3.3.1 roller diameter offset compensation

Composite roll, nip / pull rollers, conveyor rollers 24 total. Due to the presence of the roller diameter, plus or minus tolerance machining, despite the use of the roller is within the allowable tolerance range, but calculate the circumference of the shaft, and the difference of each axis such that the circumference of each axis at the same rotational speed when the line speed is inconsistent, can not meet the control accuracy requirements, it must be correct.

Q-Motion offers three deviation Remedy:

① fixed parameter settings

② speed control

③ differential gear

Fixed parameter setting method is to use a vernier caliper or other measuring instruments to directly measure the roll diameter, and calculate the perimeter, set electronic gear amended so that each roller linear velocity equal.

Variable speed control and a differential gear set off method can also be adjusted online. Transmission branch is connected to the drum, the gear transmission ratio is set variable, by adjusting the gear ratio of the rollers, the linear velocity equal to reach. Connected to the drum slip differential gear, differential gear side joined in the secondary virtual servo motor speed so that the roller is corrected.

The system uses a variable speed control method.

Require the same set of 24 line speed shaft roller diameter steeled as follows:

Φ1, Φ2, Φ3 ???????????????????????????????????????????? Φ24

In virtual mode were added to transmission, which corresponds to the gear ratio as follows:

Κ1, Κ2, Κ3 ????????????????????????????????? Κ24

Where: Κ1 = 10000; Κn = (Φ1 / Φn) * 10000 (n = 2 ~ 24)

3.3.2 Micro-tension control

Composite roll, nip / pull roller drive object is the production of a variety of materials diapers, only that it does not slip and stockpile material to make uniform transfer in the process, thus ensuring the accuracy of the product .. For this reason the use of micro-tension control, that is, between the roller adding even a slight speed difference ΔⅤ, to make the processing of materials Bengzhi neither slip nor stacker.

Let: along the forward direction of composite materials processing rolls, nip / pull roll as follows:

φ1, φ2, φ3 ????????????????????????????????? φ24

Corresponding to the linear velocity of the rollers were as follows:

V1, V2, V3 ????????????????????????????????? V24

Where: Vn - Vn + 1 = ΔV (ΔV

3.4 roller cutter phase control

6 cutter roller cam design freedom for reciprocating mode. To this end a cycle of 360 ° and a transfer roller cutter correspond its cam curve shown in Figure 4.

3.4.1 step load speed compensation

Cutter rolls belong step load. When the roller cutter bits Go cutter load suddenly jump, the motor speed will be instantly fall in Figure 5.

Due to the different rates for each load roller cutter, so the amplitude and time of each callback roller cutter cutter bit rate drop when Go is also different. Thus will cause dislocation between the cutter roll phase, it must be compensated. Its compensation method shown in Figure 6, according to a given speed curve in Figure 6, the cam curve, jump speed becomes offset due to load fluctuation caused. Of course, the Ambassador of the motor power selected too small or system load factor design bigger moment of inertia, the speed step load fluctuations generated will be reduced or reduced to within the accuracy of the allowable range.

3.4.2 random disturbance regulation

Electromagnetic interference grid voltage fluctuations and uneven processing materials will make the movement of the roller cutter to generate random perturbations, the cutter roller rack produce individual phase dislocation. System design shown in Figure 7 adjustment function can be manually or automatically correct dislocation. V32 for 30 axes synchronized virtual servo motor drive, V1 auxiliary drive for a virtual servo motor shaft is corrective action.

Figure seven auxiliary axis correction system

4. Conclusion

Mitsubishi motion controller is a set of communications, location, speed, tension control as one of the automatic control platform is simple, easy to understand, intuitive, strong visibility programming, suitable for all levels of automation professionals to master in a short time and application; rich control function, high-resolution systems, rapid response to meet all kinds of machinery and equipment production process.

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