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Yangzhou jade plant: we spend an advanced Mitsubishi FX2N system

The system used in Japan Mitsubishi PLC control system, following a brief introduction on the integration of the entire system:

A system structure and control principle Introduction

The system consists of a main FX2N-128MR-001 CPU, an expansion module FX2N-48ER, four pulse positioning control module FX2N-1PG, a human-machine interface (HMI), four stepper motor driver module.

Operation of the components to communicate directly with the PLC HMI, set system parameters and time manually via the communication ports are via HMI; FX2N-48ER as a natural extension of the system, automatic identification, direct use of its I / O points; four FX2N -1PG with the PLC to the FROM / TO instructions for data exchange, under the output speed is positive (or reverse) pulse drive control module, complete the positioning drive control.

See the following specific "system connection diagram."

System connection diagram


Other auxiliary control process requirements by processing logic, not elaborate.

2 System Integration Configuration


System Integration Configuration


The system actually requires input 128 points and output points 75 points, in the above configuration, output points total of 84 points, input points total of 84 points, not enough input from the touch-screen device to meet the entire system configuration I / O total as follows: 128 + 48 + 32 (each particular module point with eight I / O points), a total of 208 points, the maximum configuration does not exceed the capacity of the 256-point system.

3 Enter the assignment

The main input is assigned to the necessary stroke position detection system working mode selection, and other parts of the AC motor drive and control, the manual mode of operation for most of the input selection (80 per cent of the input) to implement the settlement via the HMI device.

System by improving the configuration, then you need to enter as many as 128 points, but some input points only in the process of commissioning and maintenance of equipment used more, use less automatic operation, so the system is unnecessary input integrated into the HMI device used to replace, so to reduce the input module to configure the system, and second, to save a lot of wiring, lights, buttons and other expenses, three cabinet to simplify the operation panel (let more than 120 manual button integrated in the HMI on, there are some working status indication), change the setting four convenient system parameters, useful for debugging, improve the quality and performance of the five control equipment, the equipment can give helpful hints common faults, overall costs have also been declining.

For this system, in fact if not HMI, by increasing the input module solutions to insufficient input costs spent so much more.

4 Output assignment

Output is assigned to four three-phase asynchronous motors and cylinders (of 62 cylinders) driven solenoid valve and auxiliary control four stepper motor, in addition to a small amount of auxiliary section control.

About five major components

l FX2N-128MR-001

FX2N PLC FX series can be one of the best series in the performance of the current model Mitsubishi, a large number of devices, rich application instructions and built-in high-capacity program memory, even in the face of complex control, you can calmly its position to execute instructions up 0.08μS, so faster than the SIEMENS S7-200 series to be several times faster, even if the SIEMENS s7-300 0.32μS but also it is a testimony to the superiority of FX2N, I long for various brands experience of PLC, FX2N series is good value for money models, in small control systems, FX2N series has been one of my choice.

l pulse output module FX2N-1PG

As a positioning control with pulse output module FX2N-1PG, can be used for single-axis control, the maximum output of up to 100KPPS, for positioning control features, the module has a more professional sound control parameter settings, such as location tracking, running speed, crawling speed, slow speed, and so a variety of parameters, which can be easily set by the PLC instructions FROM / TO. In addition to high-speed response output, but also to prepare a common input control, such as positive and negative limit switches, STOP, DOG (near point signal), PGO (zero signal), and so on.

In addition, built-in soft control many convenient location, such as the return to the origin, forward, backward, etc., for these specific functions, simply by setting a specific defined bit buffer unit can be easily achieved. For example, by the following short program, when you press the button to return to in-situ (in this case using X10) or via a touch screen built-in bit of a device (in this case with the M66) to return to the original position to drive the device, which is positioning control is very convenient and important.

LD M8000

TO K1 K25 K4M260 K1

LD X10

OR M66

OUT M266


Eleven Experience

In the long term I use Mitsubishi FX series, there are a few experience as follows:

A powerful

FX Series PLC configuration features a powerful and complete instructions, especially FX2N series PLC, according to their functional classification of the total program flow, transfer and compare four arithmetic and logic operations, rotate and shift, data processing, high-speed processing, convenience command, the external device I / O, external machine SER, floating clock operations, binary cyclic code and a total of 13 categories of 130 contacts compare instruction, such as PID arithmetic, floating point arithmetic, etc., and other brands of PLC often in upscale series it is equipped with a better command. So, in the completion of some special feature, with the FX series PLC can be easily configured, such as the configuration of this system, and if the SIEMENS PLC, at least use S7-300 series PLC to complete the control function of this system .

2 cost-effective

For system integrators, the price is not only refers to the price of a single automated device, but mainly the cost of completing the entire system configuration, FX2N series PLC has an excellent variety of configuration options for users, and how many kinds of specifications of the special module for users to choose, you can always make the right choice for the higher cost you most need in many configurations to this example, if the SIEMENS S7-300, the costs may be higher by about 50% .

3 System-equipped

If you press the I / O points to points, FX2N series consists of six basic unit, if divided by the output type, then there were three categories of 17 kinds of basic units; there are 12 kinds of expansion unit, also compatible with FXON series of expansion modules, in addition to there are also a variety of analog module, position control modules and other communication function modules, basically meet the requirements of a variety of small control.

4 Application convenient and simple

If you PLC for most manufacturers have had the experience of the application, it should not be difficult to appreciate the FX series PLC application is very simple, in terms of the selection or hardware configuration and software programming, it avoids the other companies in addition to outside there is a product model large Order number of string cumbersome requirements; not too much communication protocols, making people feel at a loss, even a novice on the road will soon master the convenient and simple applications.


Twelve Conclusion

This device is currently in trial production phase, the production cycle is about 3 minutes per period of about 260 diamond jewelry production, production workers save dozens of people, while the production yield and quality have been greatly improved.

The system is running a few months ago, the average working day for about sixteen hours, so far, the system has been running, indicating that the selection and integration of the control system is a success.

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