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Sunny Team 2013 Annual Conference - Shenzhen Southfield Court Hotel

Time: January 18, 2014
Location: Shenzhen Southfield Court Hotel
People: Highland electromechanical staff
First by the company Oration, heads of departments publish an annual summary report. We eat, watch the show, raffle was held after dinner.
Song List attached part of the program:
1. Opening Dance Tracks: The most unusual national wind
2. Family choral repertoire: Where is the father
3. male solo tracks: Kung Hei Fat Choy
The popular dance tracks: NO BODY
5. Pieces Tracks: blind
6. Riding Dance Head: Gangnam STYLE
7. monologues Tracks: happy childhood
8. male solo tracks: Man song
9. martial arts repertoire: Heroes who were
10. duet song title: Order by dream
11. choral repertoire: tomorrow will be better

Annual Meeting Photo attached:

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