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This article describes the Xinbao reducer NEV series, interested, please call 400-8819-130, the other in the site you can also find: Hefei touchscreen,Shenzhen touchscreen and other related content.


[introduction] Mitsubishi industrial robot

Mitsubishi motor started developing a robot products from 1982, at present the product positioning of industrial robot is mainly by the small robot as the main products. The launch of the multi joint new product MELFAF series of industrial robot level can realize the capture of 3KG~20KG, vertical joint can realize the capture of 2KG~12KG.Range of motion is from the previous + 127deg upgrade to the present + 170DEG, greatly improving the robot work space to achieve full angle movement.

MELFAF series of industrial robot equipped with a 2D, 3D vision sensor, which can make the robot through the image monitoring easily grasping is 2 dimensional, 3 dimensional. At the same time, equipped with more force sensor, by using the principle of pressure monitoring can easily corresponding precision electronics industrycomplex plug assembly and continuous operation, so that the function of the robot is more accurate and user-friendly.

MELFAF series of industrial robot is paired with Mitsubishi Co motor self-developed, high rigid arm and drive control technology, compared with the Mitsubishi S series products, standard cycle time is shortened by 31%, carryingcapacity is 1.7 times 2 times before the series, lifting up and down movement speed is also before the series robotproducts. MELFAF series of industrial robots will be in the second half of this year China market oriented.

Horizontal robot:

Can be widely used - small parts assembly, heavy load handling and packaging. The use of special motor andamplifier can be top of high speed, high precision operation. Can be conveniently connected with the Mitsubishi PLC and servo motor to carry out various operations.

Vertical robot:

The most suitable for future variant product and production. The use of special motor and amplifier can be top of high speed, high precision operation. Can be conveniently connected with the Mitsubishi PLC and servo motor to carry out various operations.

RH-F series:

RH-FH-Q series (iQ platform) and RH-FH-D series (single) has many intelligent features and greatly improve theperformance of the robot's next generation controller using F series robot.

RH-SQH series (iQ platform):

Through the improvement of function and performance, can be in to factory automation of large scale systemsintegration and improvement of overall performance. IQ platform type SQ series.

RH-SQH series:

Through the improvement of function and performance, can realize the compatible with customers both assets. The single type SD series

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Mitsubishi PLCQ series:

QY42P, QY41P, QY40P, QY10, QX42, QX41, QX40, QJ71MB91, QJ71E71-100, QJ71C24N-R4, QJ71C24N-R2

And QJ71C24N, QJ61BT11N, QH42P, QG60, QD75P4N, QD75P2N, QD75D4N, QD75D1N, QD70P4, Q68DAVN,

Q68DAIN, Q68ADV, Q68ADI, Q64RD, Q64DAN, Q64AD, Q62P, Q62DAN, Q61P, Q38B, Q35B, Q312B,



MITSUBISHI plcFX series:

FX-50DU-CAB0-3M, FX3U-ENET-L, FX3U-ENET-ADP, FX3UC-64MT/D, FX3UC-32MT-D, FX3UC-16MR/DS-T,FX3U-80MT-ES-A, FX3U-80MR-ES-A, FX3U-64MT-ES-A, FX3U-64MR-ES-A, FX3U-4DA, FX3U-4AD-ADP, FX3U-4AD, FX3U-48MT-ES-A, FX3U-48MR-ES-A, FX3U-485-BD (formerly installed), FX3U-485-ADP-MB (original), FX3U-422-BD (original), FX3U-32MT-ES-A, FX3U-32MR-ES-A, FX3U-232-BD (original), FX3U-232-ADP-MB, FX3U-232ADP, FX3U-1PG, (original) FX3U-128MT-ES-A, FX3U-128MR-ES-A, FX3G-60MT/ES-A, FX3G-60MR-ES/A,FX3G-485-BD (original), FX3G-40MT-ES-A, FX3G-40MR-ES/A, FX3G-24MT/ES-A, FX3G-24MR-ES-A, FX3G-14MT/ES, FX3G-14MR/ES-A, FX-30P, FX2NC-CNV-IF (original), FX2NC-485-ADP (original), FX2NC-16EYT,FX2NC-16EYR-T-DS, FX2NC-16EX-T-DS, FX2NC-16EX, FX2N-8EYT, FX2N-8EYR, FX2N-8EX-ES/UL, FX2N-8EX,FX2N-8ER, FX2N-8AD, FX2N-4DA, FX2N-4AD-TC, FX2N-4AD, FX2N-48ET and FX2N-48ER, FX2N-32ET, FX2N-32ER, FX2N-32CCL, FX2N-2DA, FX2N-2AD, FX2N-20GM, FX2N-1PG-E, FX2N-1PG, FX2N-1HC, FX2N-16EYT-ESS/, UL, FX2N-16EYT, FX2N-16EYR-ES/UL, F X2N-16EYR, FX2N-16EX-ES/UL, FX2N-16EX, FX2N-10PG, FX1S-30MT-001, FX1S-30MR-ES/UL, FX1S-30MR-001, FX1S-20MR-D, FX1S-20MR-001, FX1S-14MT-001, FX1N-60MT-001, FX1N-60MR-001, FX1N-485-BD (original), FX1N-40MT-001, FX1N-40MR-001, FX1N-232-BD (original), FX0N-65EC (original), FX0N-3A

Mitsubishi inverter:

FR-PA07, FR-E740-7.5K, FR-E740-5.5K, FR-E740-3.7K, FR-E740-2.2K-CHT, FR-E740-2.2K, FR-E740-11K-CHT,FR-E740-1.5K-CHT, FR-E740-1.5K, FR-E740-0.75K-CHT, FR-E740-0.75K, FR-E740-0.4K, FR-E720S-1.5K, FR-E720S-0.75K, FR-E720S-0.4K, FR-E720-5.5K, FR-E720-3.7K, FR-E720-2.2K, FR-E720-1.5K, FR-E720-0.75K, FR-E720-0.4K, FR-E720-0.2K, FR-E720-0.1K, FR-D740-5.5K, FR-D740-3.7K, FR-D740-2.2K, FR-D740-1.5K-CHT, FR-D740-1.5K, FR-D740-0.75K-CHT, FR-D740-0.75K, FR-D740-0.4K-CHT, FR-D740-0.4K, FR-D720S-1.5K, FR-D720S-0.75K-CHT, FR-D720S-0.75K, FR-D720S-0.4K-CHT, FR-D720S-0.4K, FR-D720S-0.2K, FR-D720-3.7K, FR-D720-2.2K, FR-D720-1.5K, FR-D720-0.75K, FR-D720-0.4K, FR-D720-0.2K

FR-A740-3.7K, FR-A740-2.2K, FR-A740-1.5K, FR-A740-0.75K, FR-A720-3.7K, FR-A720-2.2K, FR-A720-0.75K

Mitsubishi servo motor:

HG-SR152J, HG-KR73J, HG-KR43J, HF-KP13, HF-KN73J-S100, HF-KN43J-S100, HF-KN23J-S100, HF-KN13J-S100, HC-KFS43

MITSUBISHI servo drive:

MR-JE-70A, MR-JE-40A, MR-JE-20A, MR-JE-10A, MR-J4-70B, MR-J4-70A, MR-J4-40B, MR-J4-40A, MR-J4-20A,MR-J4-10A, MR-J4-100B, MR-J3-40B, MR-J3-40A, MR-J3-20A, MR-J3-10A, MR-J2S-40A, MR-J2S-100A,

MITSUBISHI touch screen:

GT2310-VTBA, GT2308-VTBD, GT2308-VTBA, GT1685M-STBA, GT1675-VNBD, GT1675-VNBA, GT1675M-STBA,GT15-QBUS (original), GT1275-VNBA, GT1155-QSBD-C, GT1150-QBBD-C, GT10-C30R4-8P, GT1055-QSBD-C,GT1050-QBBD-C, GT1030-HBD-C, GT01-C30R4-8P, GT01-C30R2-6P, GS2107-WTBD, MT8-FX, MT6100IV2,MT6070IH3, MT500-FX2N

Other MITSUBISHI parts modular accessories:

MY4NJ, MY2N-JDC24, MY2NJ, TK6070IP, TK6070IH3, MR-J2CN1, MR-BAT6V1SET (original), MR-BAT6V1SET(made in China), LY42NT1P-CM, LX42C4-CM, LX41C4-CM, LJ71C24-R2-CM, LJ61BT11-CM, L61P-CM, L02CPU-CM, GT10-C30R4-8P, FR-BSF01 (original), FR-BLF-C, FR-BLF (original), FR-ABR-H1.5K (original), FR-ABR-H0.75K (original), FR-A7NP, FR-A7ND-EKIT-cover, FR-A7ND-EKIT, FR-A7ND, FR-A7NC-EKIT, FR-A7NC, FR-A7AP,

FANC-110SBH (original), AC20TB, AC10TB, AC05TB, A6TBXY36 (original), A6CON1-C, A6CON1 (original), 8000B-4T2R2GB, 20 electronic board

[introduction] Aquamarine electromechanical company

Shenzhen Hailan electromechanical device limited company website: Tel: 400-8819130 0755-88356296 (line 10) address: Shenzhen city Futian District Fuxing Road, Fuxing Garden Mansion four floor room 409. Our company is a professional engaged in the wholesale sales: MITSUBISHI PLC, MITSUBISHI inverter, servo motor MITSUBISHI, MITSUBISHI touch screen, various MITSUBISHI product accessories accessories module of MITSUBISHI industrial automation products. Major customers: 13823726967 Manager

In this paper, the original self: Shenzhen Hailan electromechanical equipment limited company, if the Xinbao reducer NEV series products of interest to read: /products/239.html

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