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  • HG-KR13J Mitsubishi servo motor MR-J4 series
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[Mitsubishi servo motor MR-J4 Series Products]

Mitsubishi Electric Automation's new MELSERVO-J4 series servo safety, environmental protection, it is an all-digital pilot, but also with the prior art the same strain. Mitsubishi to further optimize the use of cluster execution engine exclusively dedicated high-speed servo control structures. Mitsubishi servo motor to achieve the industry's fastest speed * 2.5kHz frequency response. Mitsubishi combines self-developed high-resolution absolute position encoder (4,194,304p / rev), significantly improves the processing speed. Can maximize the performance of high-end machinery. Linear servo motor and achieve speed 2.5kHz frequency response, the industry's highest level of basic performance servo amplifier. (4,194,304p / rev) (22bit) the absolute position encoder is standard equipment.

Mitsubishi servo MR-J4 series and relatively Mitsubishi MR-J3 series servo performance improve a lot before, and many have reached the industry's highest performance, enhance the mechanical properties of high-performance motor

1, by increasing the encoder resolution and processing speed, rotary servo motors with higher precision positioning performance and smoother rotation performance.

2, to meet the full closed-loop control standards. ? straight through the rotary drive ? direct drive motor.

Supports a variety of control drive system via a standard servo amplifier

1, support SSCNETⅢ / H amplifier equipped with a servo axis, 2-axis integrated, integrated 3-axis servo amplifier. Flexibility to choose the system architecture based on the number of control axes.

2, the standard case, MR-J4-B servo amplifier can support full closed loop control to achieve high-precision control mechanical end.

3, the standard case, through the rotary servo motors, linear motors, direct drive motors, drive MR-J4 series servo amplifier.

4, the maximum pulse frequency command support common interfaces MR-J4-A is 4Mpps.

5, the maximum speed of the linear motor LM-H3 series of up to 3m / s, to achieve the high-speed operation device.

Mitsubishi servo MR-J4 series of one-touch operation for high seismic performance features, high-end servo gain adjustment function

An advanced one-touch adjustment

2, advanced seismic control

3, robust filter

4. The development of mechanical resonance filter

5, the pressing control

Mitsubishi servo system MR-J4 series realized through SSCNETⅢ / H speed response performance

1, 3 times faster communication

2, realized by synchronous communication equipment in performance

3, to 0.22ms, high-speed communication cycle instruction

4, the optical fiber communication to achieve a leap of anti-jamming performance

Improve safety performance, build a world-standard security ? servo products.

1, the safety performance in line with IEC / EN 61800-5-2 standards * 2

2, by combining with the motion controller, enhance safety performance

3, will continue to maintain industry-leading level, to further improve the safety performance

Mitsubishi servo MR-J4 series to reduce the workload of the operator to ensure the stable operation of the device.

1, Tough drive function

2, large capacity drive recorder

3, device diagnostics function

4,3 digits alert

Easy to Use with the idea for the foundation to enhance the performance starts ? Adjust

1, servo-assisted function

2, you can use the software by the motion controller

3, parameter setting function

4, the monitoring function

5, one-touch adjustment

6, charting capabilities

7, mechanical analysis

8, the amplifier life diagnostic function

9, machinery diagnostics page

[Mitsubishi servo motor MR-J4 Series Features】

Mitsubishi servo system Mitsubishi servo amplifier is used widely, not only can be used for working machinery and general industrial machinery needs high-precision position control and smooth speed control applications, can also be used for speed control and tension control. The product also has RS-232 and RS-422 serial communication function, by installing a personal computer servo configuration software parameters can be set, commissioning, status display and gain adjustment operation. Mitsubishi servo system MR-J2S servo column is based on the MR-J2 series developed by Mitsubishi servo systems with higher performance and higher functions, the control mode with position control, speed control and torque control, and between them switching control for selected candidates.

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Accessories Mitsubishi Accessories modules:

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FANC-110SBH (original), AC20TB, AC10TB, AC05TB, A6TBXY36 (original), A6CON1-C, A6CON1 (original), 8000B-4T2R2GB, 20 downstream Electronic board

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