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  • MR-JE-20A Mitsubishi servo motor MR-JE series
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[Mitsubishi servo motor MR-JE Series Products]

Mitsubishi Universal AC servo MELSERVO-JE series is MELSERVO-J4 series is based on the premise of maintaining the high performance AC servo function limitations.

Controlled by position control, speed control and torque control of three. In the position control mode can support up to 4 Mpps high-speed pulse train. You can also choose the location / speed switching control, speed / torque switching control and torque / position switching control. Therefore, this high-precision positioning servo can not only be used machine tools and general industrial machinery and smooth speed control can also be used for line control and tension control, a very wide range of applications.

It also supports instant one-touch adjustment and automatic adjustment function, you can make simple servo gain is automatically adjusted according to the machine.

Through Tough Drive function, drive recorder function and preventive protection support, maintenance and inspection of the machine to provide strong support.

Because equipped with USB communication interface, to connect with the mounting MR Configurator2 after the PC, the data can be set up and commissioning and gain adjustment.

MELSERVO-JE series servo motor uses have 131072 pulses / rev resolution incremental encoder, capable of high precision positioning.

Combination of servo amplifiers and servo motors

● advanced one-button tuning

Do not have a computer, one-button operation to complete servo adjustment, in addition, can also automatically adjust the vibration suppression control and robust filter.

● Instantaneous stop tolerance increases

TOUGH DRIVE with instantaneous stop function and large-capacity main circuit capacitor. Reduce downtime caused instantaneous stop loss.

● Reduced maintenance procedures

The servo data stored in ROM memory before and after the alarm. Quickly and accurately identify the cause of the alarm.

● reliable basic performance

Using a dedicated engine to achieve the speed frequency response 2.0KHZ. Shorten the interval time.

● with a high resolution encoder

With 131072pulses / rev (17bit) incremental encoder. Achieve high precision equipment.

● Energy

By large main circuit capacitor, effective use of renewable energy. Reduce unnecessary power consumption.

● Support sink, source type wiring

Command pulse input and digital input and output corresponding to a standard sink, source type two wiring.


1, the encoder cable is recommended optional cable. On cable selection, refer to HF-KN / HF-SN servo motor for details.

2, please use the operation delay time (from a current flows through the coil operation, the contact is closed until the time) electromagnetic contactor 80 ms or less.

3, in order to prevent accidental restart the servo amplifier, set the circuit is set to turn off the power EM2 also followed a closed structure.

4. Do not mistake the servo motor shaft is connected to the servo amplifier U, the V, W and CN2, this may cause a malfunction.

[Mitsubishi servo motor MR-JE Series Features】

Mitsubishi servo system Mitsubishi servo amplifier is used widely, not only can be used for working machinery and general industrial machinery needs high-precision position control and smooth speed control applications, can also be used for speed control and tension control. The product also has RS-232 and RS-422 serial communication function, by installing a personal computer servo configuration software parameters can be set, commissioning, status display and gain adjustment operation. Mitsubishi servo system MR-J2S servo column is based on the MR-J2 series developed by Mitsubishi servo systems with higher performance and higher functions, the control mode with position control, speed control and torque control, and between them switching control for selected candidates.

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